Take our Wild Atlantic Trading 'IRISH☘FOOD WALK' with our Artisan Suppliers!

Take our Wild Atlantic Trading 'IRISH☘FOOD WALK' with our Artisan Suppliers! 0

Take our Wild Atlantic Trading 'IRISH☘FOOD WALK' with our Artisan Suppliers!

Meet St. Patrick's Distillery not only named after our own patron saint but a distillery who also don't produce their Gin & Vodkas from Grain like others but from good old Potatoes. That's correct you read that right Spuds!

  • Brian Ash
Local Enterprise Week ‘Look to the Future’ to great success

Local Enterprise Week ‘Look to the Future’ to great success 0

Donegal Local Enterprise Office have just completed their Local Enterprise Week ‘Look to the Future’ to great success. There were many events and talks throughout the week and one of the most interesting was a talk given by Brian O’Connor of Mintel Ireland ( in conjunction with The Food Coast Donegal and Donegal Local Enterprise Office on Future Trends and Opportunities within Food and Drink.

Today’s consumers are interested in the health benefits of what they are eating, and the story of the producer is becoming more and more important. Consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it is produced. The country, the region, right down to the farm, the more detail the better.  Consumers are asking and demanding that the producer helps them to make the right choice.

For the Artisan producer their message and packaging needs to be simple, clean, concise and with functional claims on health. The more honest you are the better. If your product has no health benefits but is a luxury or treat, then say so. Today’s consumers will appreciate the honesty and trust you as a producer…improving your chances of selling.

Sustainability, Ethics and Fairtrade are also important concerns for consumers. Ethical treatment of animals, organic produce, free from (dairy, gluten etc), the use of biodegradable packaging and a fair return for the farmer are some of the growing trends and producers who can meet some or all the above are seeing their sales grow. 

Wild Atlantic Trading works with Artisan producers right across the country who espouse these values and we look forward to growing with our producers. If you are a producer who also shares these values, then get in touch as we are always looking for new quality products. Remember at Wild Atlantic Trading the producer and their story is ’King’.





  • Jim Nash
Sadie's Kitchen "Nanny Knows Best"

Sadie's Kitchen "Nanny Knows Best" 0

Bone broth has been around for ages and with good reason. Nannies all over Ireland used to offer a warm cup of broth and a slice of bread to hungry grandchildren just in the door from school. Well my nanny did, anyway.


It is made by simmering meat, bones, and vegetables for hours and hours, extracting all of the nutritious vitamins and minerals into one delicious broth, which can then be enjoyed by the mugful or used as a stock in soups, gravy, or even a tasty risotto (I can hear my nanny rolling her eyes at my notions).


So, why in a world of food fads that come and go as quickly as you can say ‘cronut’, has bone broth stood the test of time? Perhaps it has something to do with the belief that its soothing qualities help to alleviate joint pain? Or that it can boost your immune system and promote gut health and healing - which makes sense, as great bone broth contains calcium, glucosamine, gylcine, and magnesium.


And then there’s the magic collagen, which comes from the gelatine. This not only brightens your skin, strengthens your nails, and makes your hair super glossy - it also helps fight against ageing. The beauty benefits of bone broth have even landed the Kardashian seal of approval, with Kourtney consuming nothing but bone broth on her detox days and naming it her go to drink at the first sign of a cold.


For us here at Sadie’s Kitchen, it’s simple. Bone broth makes us look and feel great, while making our meals extra delicious. Well, that and the fact that we always listen to our nannies!

  • Brian Ash
Achill Island Sea Salt  - Great Taste 2017

Achill Island Sea Salt - Great Taste 2017 0

Great Taste Awards 2017

  • Brian Ash
Pandora Bell Great Taste collection 2017

Pandora Bell Great Taste collection 2017 0

Four Great Taste Awards:

  • Brian Ash
Wild Atlantic Trading Launch 2017

Wild Atlantic Trading Launch 2017 0

Wild Atlantic Trading is open for business!

Wild Atlantic Trading has launched after a very intense few months , travelling many miles, talking to many producers, and persuading them to come onboard with us! We are delighted to have so many award winning producers from across the Island of Ireland but we also know that in the next few months many more will join us. There is a great selection of products in many categories that have received the wonderful accolades such as Blas Na hEireann and Taste Awards. For those who are not familiar with these accreditation's

Blas na hEireann
The Blas awards are the biggest blind tasting of produce in Ireland, and the criteria on which the product is judged as well as the judging system itself, which was developed by Blas na hEireann with the Food Science Dept University College Cork (UCC), is now recognised as an international industry standard.

Research has shown that the Blas accreditation has the highest recognition amongst Irish consumers and using the award logo on packs encourages shoppers to buy these products. It is their guarantee of a top quality Irish product.

Now in its 10th year, Blas na hEireann, The Irish Food Awards is the biggest competition for quality Irish produce on the island of Ireland. Over 2500 products were entered into the 2016 competition to win Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards in over 100 food and drink categories as well as key awards such as Supreme Champion and Best Artisan Producer.

Taste Awards

Great Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, is the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink. It has been described as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world and the ‘epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize’. Quite simply the Great Taste logo is the sign you can trust when buying food and drink.

Our Passion

This is only the beginning of Wild Atlantic Trading and over the next few months we are excited to develop this business further with your support. We are passionate about food and drink. In particular, food and drink that has been started by the new army of innovators, inventors, enthusiasts and foragers within Ireland. We love natural ingredients and we care where the food comes from. And that is why we started Wild Atlantic Trading. For you the buyer, the extra bonus, is that we pay the Food-maker 70-75% of the retail price for their hard work, compared to the 25-50% that most retailers offer them. Therefore, when you buy from us you know that you are supporting the hundreds of food and drink producers up down down the country and putting more, hard earned money in their hands.

Happy Shopping!

Taitneamh a bhaint as


Brian and Jim
Wild Atlantic Trading Founders
  • Brian Ash