Local Enterprise Week ‘Look to the Future’ to great success

Local Enterprise Week ‘Look to the Future’ to great success

Donegal Local Enterprise Office have just completed their Local Enterprise Week ‘Look to the Future’ to great success. There were many events and talks throughout the week and one of the most interesting was a talk given by Brian O’Connor of Mintel Ireland (boconnor@mintel.com) in conjunction with The Food Coast Donegal and Donegal Local Enterprise Office on Future Trends and Opportunities within Food and Drink.

Today’s consumers are interested in the health benefits of what they are eating, and the story of the producer is becoming more and more important. Consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it is produced. The country, the region, right down to the farm, the more detail the better.  Consumers are asking and demanding that the producer helps them to make the right choice.

For the Artisan producer their message and packaging needs to be simple, clean, concise and with functional claims on health. The more honest you are the better. If your product has no health benefits but is a luxury or treat, then say so. Today’s consumers will appreciate the honesty and trust you as a producer…improving your chances of selling.

Sustainability, Ethics and Fairtrade are also important concerns for consumers. Ethical treatment of animals, organic produce, free from (dairy, gluten etc), the use of biodegradable packaging and a fair return for the farmer are some of the growing trends and producers who can meet some or all the above are seeing their sales grow. 

Wild Atlantic Trading works with Artisan producers right across the country who espouse these values and we look forward to growing with our producers. If you are a producer who also shares these values, then get in touch as we are always looking for new quality products. Remember at Wild Atlantic Trading the producer and their story is ’King’.





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