Sadie's Kitchen "Nanny Knows Best"

Sadie's Kitchen "Nanny Knows Best"

Bone broth has been around for ages and with good reason. Nannies all over Ireland used to offer a warm cup of broth and a slice of bread to hungry grandchildren just in the door from school. Well my nanny did, anyway.


It is made by simmering meat, bones, and vegetables for hours and hours, extracting all of the nutritious vitamins and minerals into one delicious broth, which can then be enjoyed by the mugful or used as a stock in soups, gravy, or even a tasty risotto (I can hear my nanny rolling her eyes at my notions).


So, why in a world of food fads that come and go as quickly as you can say ‘cronut’, has bone broth stood the test of time? Perhaps it has something to do with the belief that its soothing qualities help to alleviate joint pain? Or that it can boost your immune system and promote gut health and healing - which makes sense, as great bone broth contains calcium, glucosamine, gylcine, and magnesium.


And then there’s the magic collagen, which comes from the gelatine. This not only brightens your skin, strengthens your nails, and makes your hair super glossy - it also helps fight against ageing. The beauty benefits of bone broth have even landed the Kardashian seal of approval, with Kourtney consuming nothing but bone broth on her detox days and naming it her go to drink at the first sign of a cold.


For us here at Sadie’s Kitchen, it’s simple. Bone broth makes us look and feel great, while making our meals extra delicious. Well, that and the fact that we always listen to our nannies!

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  • Brian Ash
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