At The Haven Smokehouse they produce a truly bespoke smoked salmon using a unique blend of 10,000 year old turf from the mountains of Donegal with a generous sprinkling of sweet beechwood. 


They meld the time honoured practices of the true artisan- Respect, Craft and Soul.  With their unique 10,000 year old turf and sweet beechwood. The master salmon smoker will give you a smoked salmon experience to live long in the memory.
The Salmon of Knowledge- The beautiful fresh smoked salmon is carefully hand selected within a couple of hours of him thrashing his tail in the wild Atlantic waters he is on the fileting table.  You could throw a stone from the smokehouse door and watch the ripples flow and as they say up there “ sure what else would ye do”.  After skilfully hand filleting our salmon, sides are then washed and carefully hand salted with salt only- nothing else.
Declan the master Smoker will then carefully thread a needle under the collar of each side with twine and hang them on hooks inside our timber smokehouse.  After drying it using the fresh atlantic breeze its time to light the turf fire.  Gentle smoke will envelope the salmon sides for 2 to 3 days as it slowly starts to cure and as Declan says, “ It’ll be ready when its ready”
The skill of the artisan salmon smoker is knowing how to judge when the sides are ready by sight and touch.
A Way of Life- Only fresh organic salmon- First Class


The Haven Smoke House - Irish Turf Smoked - Organic Salmon

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