About Us

Ross Goill, Co. Donegal on The Wild Atlantic Way 


At Wild Atlantic Trading, we are passionate about food and drink. In particular, food and drink that has been started by the new army of innovators, inventors, enthusiasts and foragers within Ireland.

We love natural ingredients and we care where the food comes from.  At Wild Atlantic Trading, we aim to offer gorgeous produce that are made with care and high quality ingredients.

In Ireland, we noticed an abundance of quality, artisan, farmhouse, and crafted food and drink that is not easy to access in that they are typically not found in your local supermarket. So, we decided to bring this produce to your attention and in turn help support these amazing local producers.  

The extra bonus, is that we pay the Foodmaker’s 70-75% of the retail price for their hard work, compared to the 25-50% that most retailers offer them. Therefore, when you buy from us you know that you are supporting the hundreds of food and drink producers up down down the country and putting more, hard earned money in their hands.

How do we do it – we take care of the ordering process, and we let the producer know where to send their products.  You receive the order directly from the producer.  Simple!

We believe that supporting small scale family businesses and producers paves the way for a more sustainable food support system.

We are here to make is easy for you to support the smaller local producers who hold sustainable values at the heart of what they do.

Happy Shopping!