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At Wild Atlantic Trading, we are truly passionate about food and drink. We are in awe of the army of new producers in Ireland.  We want to help you, the farmer, maker, baker, brewer whatever you may be. We have decades of experience in creating, communicating, and selling goods nationally and Internationally. And that is where we want to help you. 

The Wild Atlantic Trading company will market, showcase, and sell your products directly to the consumer nationally and internationally. We take the pressure of marketing and sales off you, so that you can continue with your magic of creating.  Think of us as another income channel whereby we galvanize new customers to buy, use and talk about your product so your network of fans can only become bigger. Our plans are big, we will showcase your products to an International audience of buyers and businesses in 2018.

And the extra bonus, is that we pay you, the Foodmaker 70-75% of the retail price for your hard work, compared to the 25-50% that most retailers offer. So, when you sell with us you know that we are supporting you the producer, by putting more hard earned money in your pockets.

How do we do this – we take out the layers of bureaucracy between you and your customers. How? We will take care of the ordering process, and let you know where to send your products via our selected delivery partner. We even supply the boxes, labels, and delivery service. Simple!  

We are selective in our choice, be assured that we have researched, tasted, and know that you are a good fit to our catalogue of exceptional goods.


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